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 If you add up the vowels in your name, and include the ''y'' at the end of your name, you get the heart number, for your heart's desire, if you ever want to change your career. But maybe you are already using this job idea, let's take a look:

1- producer, caretaker, bank, assistant manager

2- painter, radio, judge, music, partner

3- doctor, actor, lawyer, coach, salesman, art

4- driver, chef, clerk, science, design

5- media, theater, store, research, nurse, professor

6- performer, customer-care, tv, secretary, teacher

7- government, news, factory, intelligence, detective,

8- musician, host, officer, builder, sports

9- acting, voice, dance, supervisor

11-counselor, psychic, see also 2

22- architect, design, see also 4



 If you add up the consonants inside  your name at birth, it will reveal the mind number for your personality, and how you appear to the outside world.  This is also called the personality number, or what number you look like to everybody; let's see:

Colors of clothing:

1- beige, lilac, crimson, rainbow

2- dark-blue, black, white, gold

3- navy-blue, pine-green, cobalt-blue, tangerine

4- olive-green, green, blue, aqua

5- pink, sky-blue, turquoise-blue, deep-yellow

6- orange, gray, peach

7- deep-blue, purple, magenta

8- mauve, azure, tan, indigo-blue

9- lavender, brown, red




 If you are looking at your body in dreams, that is your body times two. So if you take your body number and multiply it times 2,  you will receive your special number to help you solve problems that happen to occur in your dreams. REMEMBER TO  PUT YOUR ANSWER IN    A NOTEBOOK OR DIARY WHEN YOU   WAKE UP, SO YOU DON'T FORGET    WHEN YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP          in the middle of the night.....:

1- one problem at a time...

2- opinion,yours or partner's

3- choose 3rd-4th solution

4- design the 1-4 solutions..

5- good professional dream

6- organize,peaceful dream

7- divide details of dreams

8- experts or your answers

9- write down all solutions..

22-forgive any early pains..  

For The Mind Number

Or The Body's Whole Number:

Body Oils & Candle Scents and Incense: make sure all herbs and oils below are natural, not man-made, before you try them out:

1- 'must' cologne, musk or myrrh oil for men,

   floral or lilac or 'chanel no. 19' for women

2- & 11- balsam or frankincense oil, 'old-spice' or 'canoe for men,

   violet or tea rose for women

3- lime cologne or amber or myrtle oil for men,

   rose or hyssop or tangerine oil for women

4- & 22- benzoin oil, 'aqua' or 'blue' or '4711' for men,

   roses perfume or oil for women

5- lemon or lemongrass oil, 'blue sky' for men,

   'pink' perfume for women 

6- any bold cologne or ginger oil for men,

   any natural perfume or patchouli oil for women

7- spice cologne or cedarwood oil for men,

   citrusy perfume or cinnamon oil for women

8- 'bay-rum' or vanilla oil for men,

   jasmine or galbanum oil for women

9- sandalwood or 'red' for men,

   lavender or 'red' for women






 Even though crystals are not listed in the Torah, the Kabbalah states that some crystals match the stones of the original 12 tribes, and one matches your date of birth:

1- Turquoise, from the tribe of Dan.

2- Ruby, from the tribe of Reuven.

3- Lapis-lazuli, from the tribe of Issachar.

4- Gray Agate, from the tribe of Gad.

5- Opal, from the tribe of Benjamin.

6- Aquamarine, from the tribe of Asher.

7- Red Agate, from the tribe of Levi.

8- Black Onyx, from the tribe of Joseph.

9- Amethyst, from the tribe of Neftali.

11- Jade, from the tribe of Simeon, and also

    Topaz, if you spell his name as Shimon.

22- Quartz or Emerald, from the tribe of Zebulun.

33- Carbuncle, from the tribe of Judah.


a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4 e=5

f=6 g=7 h=8 i=9

j=1 k=2 l=3 m=4 n=5

o=6 p=7 q=8 r=9

s=1 t=2 u=3 v=4 w=5

x=6 y=7 z=8 sz or tz=9


 If you add up all of the numbers in your name at birth, it is called the body's whole number, and it includes many of your favorite things based on your name, and here is a list of famous people with your body's whole number. Here is a list of job ideas if you  want to use your name for a career:

1- the boss, and the true, spirited helper

producer, caretaker, boss, bank

2- the wise, loyal partner

painter, radio, judge, music

3- the happy speaker and the friendly listener

doctor, actor, lawyer, art, coach, salesman

4- the nice, neat thinker

driver, chef, clerk, science, design

5- the good, fun manager

media, theater, store, research, nurse, professor

6- the cheerful, active teacher

performer, customer-care, tv, secretary, teacher

7- the serious, curious reporter

government, news, factory, intelligence, detective

8- the smart, joyful planner

musician, host, officer, builder, sports

9- the real service leader and the worker

acting, voice, dance, supervisor


Famous Names And Their Body's Whole Number:

1- Miley Cyrus, Clint Eastwood, David Letterman

2- Aesop, Leonardo da Vinci, Diana Ross

3- Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Britney Spears, Eddie Murphy

4- Tony Bennett, Yo Yo Ma, Dick Van Dyke

5- Stevie Wonder, Larry King, Adam-of-Eden

6- Jimmy Carter, Abe Lincoln, Hilliary Clinton

7- Oprah Winfrey, Bill COsby, Walter Cronkite

8- Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli, Tom Jones

9- Elvis Presley, Sylvia Browne, Andy Griffith, Dionne Warwick

Colors of Accessories

(things in your home):

1- beige, lilac, crimson, rainbow

2- dark-blue, black, white, gold

3- navy-blue, pine-green, cobalt-blue, tangerine

4- olive-green, green, blue, aqua

5- pink, sky-blue, turquoise-blue, deep-yellow

6- orange, gray, peach

7- deep-blue, purple, magenta

8- mauve, azure, tan, indigo-blue

9- lavender, brown, red



1- lilac, magnolia, purple-rose, azalea

2- hollyhocks, ivy, camellia, violet

3- rose, daffodil, orchid, honeysuckle

4- lily, goldenrod, red-clover

5- carnation, gardenia, morning-glory, petunia

6- tulip, carnations, gardenias, chrysanthemum

7- marigold, sunflower, tulips, geranium, hyacinth

8- jasmine, water-lily, rhododendron

9- magnolia, lavender, hibiscus

For Your Diet:

1- turkey, lamb, pita, salad

be careful with chocolate, cheeses, sweets

2- fruit, salads, saefood, eggs tuna

be careful with cake, candy, chocolates

3- potatoes, juice, bread, juice. meat

be careful with ice cream, pie, alcohol, beer

4- juices, water, organic, yogurt, stew

be careful with meats, hamburgers, breads

5- greens, stews, organics, apple, waters

be careful with diet-sugar, organ-meats

6- fish, banana, potato, apples, orange, peach

be careful with cookies, junk-food, pork

7- healthy-food, vegetable, popcorn, oranges, bananas

be careful with deli-meats, junk-foods

8- vegetables, chicken, rice, soup, tofu

be careful with bacon, pastries

9- beef, soups, health-foods,. milk

be careful with cheese, fat, dessert

To Help Learn More:

1- repeat words, logic, analyze

2- see photos and ideas in mind

3- happy face, sense of humor

4- ask questions, design lessons

5- research class, hear lessons

6- find one to help understand

7- details of book, news, words

8- study the plans, use books

9- real inspirational answers

11-opinion on what is successful

22-get big picture & tiny details


Stress Release:

1- opera, read, movie, beach, sunshine, red candle

2- & 11- walk, relaxation, movies, massage, yellow candle

3- yoga, sleep, massages, go on a cruise, blue candle

4-  & 22- vacation, meditate, bath, nap, reading, green candle

5- vacations, jog, naps, baths, pink candle

6- & 33- jogs, sauna-bath, jacuzzi, sleeping, orange candle

7- gardening, sauna-baths, workouts, purple candle

8- run, study, books, rest, purple or navy candle

9- games, gym, aerobics, traveling, dance, brown or red candle



Note: in Basic Kabbalah, the symbols you can use for posters and jewelry are the Hamsa (a hand),  and the Chai (which = 3, a happy sign, similar to the spirited ''L'Chaim''). Do not spell out the name of Ha-shem, the yud-'keh'-vav-'keh' letters.



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